Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you provide technical supports and after sales services?

    • We are located in Surrey BC and all customer services will be provided from here.

  • Which operating systems do your V380 Pro apps support?

    • iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. Only MS Windows XP/Vista/8/10 for PC App.

  • How often do you upgrade your apps?

    • It doesn't have fixed schedules but we mostly release upgraded apps once per month. Please visit our website and check any upgraded apps in Download menu.

  • How can I store recorded video and audio for Wi-Fi cameras?

    • You can ​store into Micro SD card. The camera supports max. 128GB which can store 3 ~ 4 week's data depending on the resolution and circumstance. Another way is to use optional Cloud storage. The best suggestion is to use Micro SD card and Cloud storage if your concern is to secure your data under any situations such as theft of the camera or damage to Micro SD card.

    • Recording audio could be illegal by jurisdictions of your location.

  • What does two-way audio mean?

    • The camera equips with mic and speaker. If you speak on your smartphone, y​our voice is heard and you can hear through your smartphone if somebody speaks to the camera.

  • How can I know motion is detected?

    • Once alarm function and notification are enabled, the camera will take a photo and send a push notification to the registered smartphones for the camera.

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