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Please read the following contents regarding the terms and condition to use this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The information contained in this website is copyrighted and it is recommended not to modify contrary to the information provided by us without further enquiry. It is allowed to use the information for your own use keeping the information as its original meaning.


Macrocam is a trademark of IMP and Tiandy is a trademark of Tiandy Technologies Co., Ltd. All other trademarks shown on this website are the property of their respective owners.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The information in this website is deemed to be correct but we don’t warrant the correctness of the information including photos and product descriptions. The information on this website is mainly from the manufacturers and there are possibilities of any changes, modifications and deletion without informing us in advance.

There are many factors related to unsatisfied operations of the cameras and NVRs (hereinafter called “products”) such as different wired/wireless network environments, different network companies, different performance and reliability of connected network and Micro SD cards, HDD, etc. So, this camera is subject to errors and omissions and does not guarantee the consistency or accuracy of videos, photos and recordings acquired from the camera. If malfunction of the products or incorrect data from the products are suspected, you should avoid relying on the products and contact us as soon as possible to solve problems. Any use of the data with defected products is solely your responsibility.

Keeping harmless


You hereby agree to keep harmless IMP including directors, officers and employees and third party suppliers from any liability, loss, claim and expenses by the disputes between you and your clients related to the products you purchased from us.


Submission of your Information


All information submitted by you via this website shall be deemed to be the properties of IMP and shall be used by IMP for the purposes of this website such as payment, promotion, communication, shipment, etc. IMP shall not have any obligation to keep any information confidential, except as otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by IMP or as required by law of Canada. You hereby acknowledge that the Internet is not a secure medium and privacy cannot be guaranteed or ensured. IMP shall not be responsible for any damages that you may suffer as a result of the transmission of confidential information to IMP using the Internet.

If you are not willing to provide your information, please do not use this website. Or you can contact us using the information in “Contact us” of menu bar to enquiry with any of your questions.

Subject to change

Any information in this website is subject to change without prior notice to users.

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