360° Viewing Angle 5MP IP Camera

  • Clear image and video - 5MP (1960P) High Resolution 

  • No blind spot monitoring

  • 1 camera = more than 2 normal cameras

  • H.265 coding provides seamless data transmission

  • Local storage using Micro SD card and/or Cloud storage

  • AI-based Human Detection Technology (under development)

AI-based Human Detection and its deep learning capability will create a new paradigm of surveillance cameras.

* Minimize false alarms - No more stress from meaningless alerts

* Is camera broken or stolen? - No worry! It is saved in the cloud server.

* You can download alert image and video and share with others such as police.

* Flexible Alarm scheduling - 24 hours, day time, night time or custom time.

* Notification to your phone and email

* Easy to search

* Controlled by the app

* Lights turns on when motion is detected.

* Night vision in color when lights is on

  • Adjustable camera angle

* 180° vertical adjustment


* 360° horizontal adjustment

  • Own illumination with 3 pcs of 1W White LED lights

  • AC 110V ~ 220V Power

  • Various display modes

JAS500-F11 product photo.png

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