IP Cameras - All of our cameras support S+265 High Coding Technology, Starlight and PoE.

Model: TC-32GP

2MP Super Startlight

Model: TC-32HP

2MP Super Starlight

Model: TC-NCL514S

5MP Starlight

Model: TC-NCL522S

5MP Starlight

Model: TC-NC552S

5MP Starlight Vandalproof

NVRs - All of our NVRs support S+265 High Coding Technology, PoE and extended cable distance.

Model: TC-R3105 I/B/P

5 Channel 4 PoE ports

Model: TC-R3210 I/B/P

10 Channel 8 PoE ports

Model: TC-R3220 I/B/P

20 channel 16 PoE ports

Macrocam Wi-Fi Cameras featuring wide viewing angle and H.265 coding technology


Model: JAS200-F01

2MP 180° Viewing Angle

JAS200-F11 modified with James.png

Model: JAS500-F09

5MP 180°/360° Viewing Angle

Bulb with logo modified.png

Model: JAS500-F15

5MP 180°/360° Viewing Angle

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